Dives & Charters

St. Lawrence River, 1000 Islands Region

The 1000 Islands Region is a scenic, picturesque gateway for tourism and offers a variety of accommodations and activities for everyone. The river has been a transportation and trade corridor for generations. The river however can and has been dangerous for navigation with its currents, islands and shoals. These navigational hazards have also claimed numerous wrecks in this region. Many of these wreck sites are still relatively intact and preserved in the fresh water for divers to enjoy and take a peek back in time. The wrecks range in age by well over 100s of years.

Below is a list of just some of the dives we offer. Don't see yours on a list? Please contact us and discuss what you're looking for.

  • Sir Robert Peel
  • Robert Gaskin
  • Henry C. Daryaw
  • Kinghorn
  • A. E. Vickery
  • Ash Island
  • Rockport Wall
  • Muscallonge
  • J.B. King
  • America
  • Roy A. Jodery
  • Oconto
  • Lillie Parsons
  • Keystorm

Note: Some of the dive sites require cross border travel. Generally your travel requirements will be a valid passport. See cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/whti-ivho/ls-tm-eng.html. Pick up and drop off locations will depend upon Brockville or Rockport dive sites you choose to dive. We will advise.

Toronto Islands area

Below is a list of just some of the dives we offer. Please contact us and let us know your specific dive requests and we'll accommodate.

  • PB Locke
  • Sligo
  • Merril
  • Davis
  • Birmingham Crane
  • Waome